Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ControlTV: Outstanding Production and Entertainment

Hello blog, Face Book, and Twitter Nation. Here I sit, in Charlotte NC, nursing a hot cup of Starbucks (had to splurge today)and contemplating if there really is life after ControlTV.

I never realized just how much a person can go through in six weeks time. I took a look at my own life six weeks ago. Compared to now, I think I have made monumental changes in my life. I also believe that I have seen Tristan Couvares grow as an individual. Like many of my generation, I thought he was just another hot shot IT guy looking for a change in jobs and lifestyle. I quickly learned that it was more complicated then that. Tristan was and is a complex, scrutinizing (to the point of being very skeptical), and compassionate person. That, again, was not my first opinion of him. My view of him has changed from that first time I saw him on camera. I got to know him as a person. He got me to relate and understand the world as it is seen through his eyes. And his world, in the loft, was not an easy one to live. I believe Tristan has persevered and learned to be a stronger person through this entire project. He let us into every aspect of his life. Not all of it was pretty, nor was it easy to watch sometimes. But this was LIFE. You deal with what is thrown at you on a daily basis and learn from it. Tristan, I commend what you have lived through and look forward to seeing you become a success, at whatever you you, in Hollywood.

Now, how do I make it through the day without my daily fix of ControlTV? I haven't figured that one out yet. ControlTV had become a part of the routine in my house. It is going to be hard not to be watching it on a daily basis. There is going to be a big gap there. But, with life, you learn to roll with changes. I have a feeling that we're going to see ControlTV pop back up again. As a working member of the entertainment industry, I can normally sense when something has what it takes to be a success in Hollywood. I believe that the creators have caught on to something here that has not been previously explored in any broadcast medium. They've achieved the careful balance between reality television and true entertainment. You have been successful when you can hold an audiences attention, on a daily basis, over a period of six weeks. That is unheard of in the television industry. Sorry, guys, I know this is the web. I'm a little old school television and motion pictures. So, this medium, for this old fella, was originally hard for me to catch on to. However, I now see that this is the future of broadcasting television. I sincerely believe that this is a view the future of television entertainment. Kudos go out from the top down. EP's, directors, producers, field producers, camera and sound, administrative and creative departments have all excelled at ControlTV. All of you can be very proud at what you have done and achieved over the last six weeks.

Okay, I know, you're probably snoozing yourself by now. I myself have been rolled up into the term "Controller". Avid daily viewer, voter, Twitterer, and chatter. I become involved, interacted with, and have been very much entertained with ControlTV.

I, myself, plan to introduce, based on my viewing of ControlTV, a project called "LifeCast". That is a term I have learned from Jen Friel, who I consider to be a leader in the future of social networking. I am invigorated and pumped up about lifecasting through my viewing of her site, TalkNerdytomelover.com, her Tweets, interactions with people, and her insights into daily life. Keep up the great job, Jen. I truly believe that I have been living the life as a nerd for 34 years. Is that what they mean by coming out of the closet? No, I am not Gay, just a nerd and proud of it! I truly believe that being a nerd is the new sexy. My wife would tell you that is true. #NerdsUnite!

Well, that is what I have to say. ControlTV, we will miss you. But we'll still be around in chats at Dreamupdates.com/chat. And I am sure we will continue to Tweet about it. I will continue to produce ControlTVPod cast, as long as there is an interest. Plus, all of us will keep on the producers about season 2. We want to be involved (looking for the audition and casting call) with the next season. We also hope that all the original playas will be back in production. We'd also like to see Tristan back in some form to help the next "victim" cope with life that has become known as "ControlTV".

Leave y'all with the words of a very wise being - "Do, or do not, there is no try."

Randall Melton

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