Tuesday, October 12, 2010

IICD to the past, ControlTV to the future

Well, here it has been, one week since the demise of IICD. Yes, I said demise. I don't believe that we will see IICD return in its current form. It will probably be retooled to a 30 minute TV series on Fox next year. The way that this was announced (not really announced -just quit) was a slap in the face to its many dedicated viewers. 19 should have given this cancelation alot more thought than they did. It was wrong just to suddenly announce - to viewers and Dreamers alike - to stay tuned for season 2. In the television business, you just don't burn an entire group of viewers and expect them to return for the next season. What goes around, comes around. That is very true for the television business.

I will miss watching Ben, Kara, Alex, and Gig on a daily basis. I wish them all the best in their futures in the entertainment business. I credit them with inspiring me to persue my dream of going to work in the television business. I owe that to them.

I did recently discovered Seth Green's www.controltv.com while suffering through my IICD withdrawl symptoms. I have found that it is very entertaining to just watch one person, Tristan Couvares, wander his way through L.A. for the next six weeks. Viewers get to frequently vote on what Tristan should do next. The producers have created an excellent environment for their star. I have found that both Tristan, and the producers, seem to be very open to viewers suggestions and ideas.

Well, that is all I have time for. I will try to get myself on a better blog schedule.

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