Friday, June 4, 2010

Week 14 in the If I Can Dream House

Remember what I said about my blogging? I only blog when I feel like I have something useful to say. It has been about two weeks since my last post. Nothing since then, in the house, has inspired me to blog. However, during the last two weeks, I have made some observations. Thus the reason for this post. Again, I do not write for writing sake. I do love to see my stuff in print. I am certainly not going to write and just ramble on.

First notable observation from the last two weeks - the lack of Justin Gaston and Alex Lambert's presence in the house. I realise that most of what they might have to do takes place outside of the house. Being out of the house also means that you are being productive. We can't be sure of that because we can't see that process. However, I look back at when If I Can Dream first started. We did see songwriters and musicians in the house with Justin. Now, we rarely see Justin in the house working on his music with others. So, we do know that he can work on his art in the house. But, for some reason, Justin has migrated that process out of the house and out of the sight of his fans. Is this because of the strict requirements of coming into the house? Is it just a personal perference of Justin's? We don't know. No one has ever asked him and Michael has never addressed it. Well, if IICD wants to keep all those Justin Gaston fans happy, then it might be wise to speak up about this.

Same goes for Alex Lambert. We have been seeing Alex's creative process throughout the last several weeks. Watching this process unfold on live stream has surely built up Alex's fan base. Plus, there are those of us who have always been interested in seeing how this creative process works. I now have a greater appreciation for what singer/songwriters have to go through. Now, Alex has seems to follow in Justin's footsteps and has taken some of that creative process outside of the house. Surely this is not what Simon Fuller had originally envisioned for this project. I have liked seeing Alex grow as a musician, singer, and as a person. But now I feel we, their loyal fans and viewers, are being left out. Again, I do not know if this is a choice that Alex has made, or someone has made for him.

Next, I have observed some tension between Alex and Giglianne. This all results from what I have just written about. Alex stated that all Gig does is lay on her bed all day in front of the computer. I think that comes from Alex not really being aware of what kind of time, effort, and work Giglianne has put into her dream. High fashion is just as competitive as being a successful singer or songwriter. Giglianne has been on alot of photo shoots, has networked with alot of people, and is making every effort to do what she wants to do. I think it is not fair of Alex to make comments about Giglianne's seemingly lack of work. Alex, take a look at what she has done and where she has come from since she first started. Being a model surely has alot more down time than being a singer/songwriter. You are applying your work ethic to her craft. You can't do that. Your two professions can't be more different. Plus, if you spent more time in the house, you might see that Giglianne does alot more work toward her craft than you may think.

Ben and Kara, our two actors. Like Giglianne and Alex's profession, being an actor is so diversely different from that of a model or a singer. Ben and Kara invest large amount of their time going over monologs, dialects, acting classes, and auditions. I truly admire the time that they have put into their craft. They are very dedicated and very concerned about the quality of their work. That comes across in their acting classes with John Kirby. I do think, more often than not, that Ben and Kara get "stuck" in the house alone. This has happened alot in the last several weeks. They have not wasted that time alone. Their time has been spent perfecting their craft. But I am a little concerned over their social, or lack thereof, lives. That may not be my business. As a loyal fan of them both, I feel like they are searching for something. Kara has has some core friends that come over. We haven't seen Ben go out on many dates or bring dates to the house. Hey, guys, we are here for you.

Michael, we need to hear from you a little more often. A Tweet session, maybe with you, Claire, and Kirsten might shine a little light on what you guys do, how you do it, and what it takes to keep this project running. I commend you all for an execellent program. And, as a geek, I would like to see more about those unsung people at 19 who work in the control room, garage, camera & sound people, and photographers. There is a story to tell there. Why not tell it?

Okay. Enough of this rant. Tell me what you think?


  1. I agree 100% there really needs to be a Twitter sesh. about this before it really gets out of hand! Good job!

  2. I've been really enjoying seeing Ben and Kara's acting lessons live in the studio the past couple of weeks! I think IICD is listening to the fans and making a lot of changes and upgrades to give us more of an inside look at the process each artist is going through. That being said, I have noticed that recently there are very few people in the house at a time. I can understand that it's tough to get dates/friends to come over because of the cameras, but it is always a little more fun when there are visitors at the house!

  3. I agree that it would be better if the artists spent more time in the house as that is the only time we get to see them. However, there have been Many changes over the last few weeks and we have gotten to see clips of the artists outside of the house. I find that to be very interesting. I'm sorry, but I'm still not a fan of Alex. His music is good but, his attitude stinks! He's cocky to the point of being obnoxious and always wants to be the center of attention. He has a LOOK AT ME attitude. Also, why not feature one of Justin's songs on the opening of the site. Mix it up a little. I'm finding I'm watching less as the focus is more on Alex than Justin.
    I am enjoying watching Giglianne grow and open up more. She's so beautiful and photographs so well. I honestly thought, at first, that she had no substance or personality. However, now I know differently. She's really starting to let us in and she's a genuinely nice person.
    Kara and Ben are my favorites and it's nice to see them growing as well. I think Ben has come a long way in his acting skills. Kara has always been a natural, but has also gotten so much better under John Kirby's tutelage. Their newest scene is really stretching their abilities and will help them grow more. It is a bit strange hearing curse words come out of Kara's mouth. However, because she's in character it's not offensive.
    I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Blog. Your honest and blunt opinions are much appreciated.