Sunday, May 9, 2010

Amanda gone but not forgotten

I sit here feeling like I have lost a member of the family. Strange that I would form such an attachment to a TV show and one of its participants. I did realize that I have alot of time invested in watching If I Can Dream. It is like the members in the Dream House are like my extended family. What happens to one sends ripples out to the viewers. Needles to say, Amanda's departure did bring a tears to my eyes. I guess I have grown acustomed to her presence, humor, work, and strenght. To me there seems to be a big gap in the Dream House now. Amanda fulfilled that carefully planned balance that brought all these people together for common goals. It is my sincere hope that the executive producer moves quickly to fill that gap. Because, if he doesn't, there may be people that might be finding themselves moving on from If I Can Dream. Sure, one person does not make a home or family. However, Amanda was a piece of that puzzle that brought the big picture together at times. Those are some big shoes that the producers have to fill.

It is my sincere wishes that Amanda eventually returns to Hollywood and finally achieves her dreams. Amanda, we want you to know that we're out here to support you, or, for you to lean on during a time of need. You will always have a place in our hearts and minds. I am sure that you have alot of fans that look up to you. I could not think of a better role model for young people to look up to than you.

I also found myself over on the If I Can Dream MySpace page looking at the auditions. I don't envy the producers. There is a lot of fine talent out there. While watching them, I knew, maybe a little, of what the judges on American Idol go through during auditions and the show. Who is going to make it and who is going home. Just as long as no one says I am Simon. Yo, Dawg! why do you diss me like that? - HaHa. We look forward to seeing some of these top ten visit the house. I certainly hope the viewers have a say so as to who is the next one to get their lucky break in the Dream House.


  1. The hardest part for me is knowing that timing was perhaps the only thing keeping me from the top 10. I feel like I have so much to bring to the house..physical diversity aside, I'm the kind of personality which, I'm confident, Simon Fuller is looking for.

    That's enough about me. While it is shocking and saddening to say goodbye to Amanda, we as viewers must accept that this is part of the IICD Circle of Life. Everyone has to leave at some point. As the door closed behind Amanda, it began to open for a brand new housemate whom I trust will be able to create as strong of a family bond as Amanda did.

  2. Yes it's sad that Amanda is gone but life must go on. It was inevitable that someone would soon leave but not in this fashion. It may have been what she said, maybe it was her missing her boyfriend, what Kevin Sorbo said, and the fact that it was Mother's Day. Out of the 6 Dreamers, excluding Alex who is too new, you have to admit though that she was the least successful so far. Between AI performances, shooting videos, and recording music, she hasn't done much like the others have. Did 19 have anythng to do with her departure? Am I being a bit cynical? Well you can decide for yourself. I'm sure after a week or two of bereavement there will soon be some other good-looking female taking her place. Let's just hope that this one stays in it for the long haul, given that the Dreamers are given everything but the kitchen sink!! You can also follow my blog if you wish @ I welcome your comments as well!!