Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If I Can Dream Episode 11 - The Emotional Rollercoaster

First of all, to the editors and producers, that was the best episode of the series. I felt that this episode explored the entire range of emotions that make up the six members of If I Can Dream. I came away from the episode very emotionally satisfied. I laughed, cried, chuckled, and even tossed back some comments as the episode progressed.

We got to see emotions from Ben, Amanda, Giglianne, Alex, Kara, and Justin that we had not seen before. That gave me a sense that they were all human and had their breaking points. Some were diplomatic, like Kara's confrontation with Alex, to Alex's vocal reactions at the family meeting. We got to see the humorous side of Kara sneaking up on Amanda. Only to see later in the episode Kara running upstairs, crying, from Kristen's questions about Brandt. Then it swung back to the more serious with Kara's, Amanda's and Ben's audition. Even the preview of the next episode tugged on your emotions.

That preview really made my eyes tear up once again. It is funny how you react to seeing a story unfold that you already know the ending to. You could sense that Amanda had already been thinking some of things that Michael was talking about. It really hit home for her when he said if something isn't working, then we need to get rid of it. You could sense, just from that short preview, that there were emotions bubbling just below the surface. I am eager to see the next episode that explores those meetings. I am sure episode 12 will be as much as an emotional rollercoaster as this episode was.

Great job one and all. This episode only strengthens my reasons for watching If I Can Dream. You all have proven to be very likable, entertaining, professional, and, sometimes, very child like. There isn't anything wrong with that last quality, in moderation of course.

Something related to all this, I have found myself swinging back, looking at the MySpace auditions. I think it will be an interesting process of who next moves into the House of Dreams. It was a painstaking process to select the current six house mates. I am sure the creators and producers have all learned something during this last week. I know they will take all that in consideration when someone is selected. Surely the potential artists are also going to learn from the events in the house.

Finally, Executive Producer Michael Herwick reminds me of what would happen if you rolled up Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi together. His cannot be an easy job. Stay away from the dark side, Michael! Michael, keep up the great work.

Okay, enough of all that. Let's get some feedback on this and my other posts of this week.


  1. Good call on the emotional range of this episode. I just finished watching so I'm gonna let my thoughts roll around a bit before posting...stay tuned!

  2. Yeah, it took me a while to get all that down. There was alot of content in that episode. I didn't want to miss anything.