Sunday, May 2, 2010

When Practical Jokes Have Gone Too Far

I normally don't play into this one on one upsmanship on practical jokes. Hey, I like a good practical joke here and there. While in the Navy, I had my fair share played on me. And I participated in several too. But my friends and I all knew where to draw the line at being funny and personally injuring someones health.

Let's talk about the escalating practical jokes inside the Dream House. I am not sure if some of these practical jokes would be as funny if there wasn't 60 cameras streaming it out to the world. I am sure that is some of the motivation behind these humorous pranks.

I do know that these jokes have increased since Alex LAmbert has moved into the house. Sure, there were some minor pranks before that and we all got a good laugh out of it. Now, it seems that the practical jokes have turned a little vindictive and mean. Sure, it started with the bed wetting practical jokes, followed by Alex getting water and chocolate pudding dumped on him. All relatively harmless pranks. You laugh at it and then move on. Not so in the case of Alex.

We have seen Alex sneaking around the house trying to get back at Gig. Some appear relatively harmless. But, this last one, peeing into a bottle of shampoo, definately shows signs that it is getting out of hand. This one, unlike the jokes played on Alex, is endangering the health of several people. Someone needs to take that young man and deliver some common sense to him. If not, this will end with someone really getting hurt.

I ask that someone Alex looks up to, a mentor, or executive producer perhaps, sit down with him and explain the consequences of his actions. I have nothing but respect for Alex's talents. However, his personal life, and how he interacts with everyone, has alot to be desired.

Okay, my rant has gone on loog enough. Please, post a comment and tell me what you think?


  1. Someone needs to tell his mother...she might threaten to come out there with a switch!

  2. I can't say that I didn't get a laugh out of watching these practical jokes go on, but I do have to agree that they have gotten WAY out of hand. When they start to effect other house guests (mainly Kara), it is time to call it quits.