Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Super Tuesday

Well, here it is Tuesday again. My, how time flys when you're having fun! I wanted to make some comments about the current IICD episode and the preview of next week.

I thought that Ben and Giglianne came across as natural talent. Did they never burn it up. Who'd a thought it? Casting director had a good sense of pairing the right people for the video.I am eager to see the video. I have no doubt that both Giglianne and Ben with be succesful at whatever they do.

I love to see the passion that Alex has for his music. It is inspsiring to see someone go after what they want with such gusto. I may disagree with his attitude and actions in the house. But, I respect his talents and abilities. He will make it big. I just hope he gets the right talent agency to represent him and get a good manager.

Nice to see Justin getting a chance to perform at some concerts this summer. I think Usher gave him some very good advice. Now he has to go about picking his band. I don't envy him.

I didn't think the episode was too fair to Amanda. It showed her texting while Ben was trying to reherse. It kept cutting back and forth between Ben and Amanda. Being a 20 year Navy veteran, I understand what long distance relationships are like. They aren't easy. But, if you love one another, then it can only make that bond stronger. You go, Amanda. You're a fighter and you don't pull any punches. We all love yo uthe way you are.

Wwe didn't get to see much of Kara this time around. Only saw her in the audition for the video. I did see her in the previews for next week. I am not gonig to rehash or dig up the stuff that happened last week. However, from the previews, I think it will dredge it all back up again. It wil ldepend all on how it is edited. And I know editors. Stay strong, Kara. I love the way you are able to foregive people. A true quality that is missing from alot of people.

The best part of last week was Kevin Sorbo. Boy, what a wealth of information that man is. I know they were all listening to what he had to say. I liked him in Hercules and Andromeda. I like him even more for his straightforwardness.

To end the week, I found out I have won a video shout out from the house from the Flobots promotion. I enjoyed that. Now they have a 35 member SuperFan promotions department to call upon. Boy, you couldn't pay for that marketing.

That's all for today. Tell me what you think. Hey, please follow my blog if you like what you see.

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