Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dog Fighting

I saw something on the news last night that deeply, deeply disturbed me. Apparently a man (I use that term loosely here) was arrested in Duplin County NC for running the 5th largest dog fighting ring in the country. The report says that members of the Atlanta Humane Society, a private security firm, and local law enforcement busted the ring yesterday. Apparently over 33 fighting dogs were taken in and seen by vets before being transported to undisclosed locations. The report also stated that this may have been going on for over 40 years. Okay, here is one of the many things, besides it being dog fighting, that bothers me. How can something going on that long not be known to the surrounding residences? Why didn't his neighbors report this long ago? This man had a previous record for dog fighting. So, how some local law enforcement had not made a visit to this proeprty before yesterday? Certainly there was enough probable cause to issue a search warrant? Why did it take a private security firm and an out of state Humane Society organization to bust this ring? Certainly we have local organizations that should have been involved? So many questions and so few answers.Sometimes there just are not enough words to express my distaste for that evil sport of dog fighting. The dogs end up losing when this happens. As I told a friend, if I were a judge, I would sentence him to community service for life at an animal shelter. I'd make sure his cell was about the size of what he crated his fighting dogs in. Oh, I'm sorry, that violates the cruel and unuseal punishment law. Darn.

One more iteem before I get off my soapbox. Michael Vick.Here is a guy who I believe did not serve enough time for his crimes. Plus, he went back to the multi-million dollar job he had before with another NFL team. Makes me wonder whether anything was learned from this entire issue.

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