Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life and Times

Well, I continue to enjoy watching If I Can Dream.It takes the boredom out of the day and I find it very entertaining. I still can't bring myself to watch them sleep or even when they go into the bathroom. I have learned what you can achieve once you put your mind to it. All of those who are in the house have what it takes to be successful in Hollywood. They have all been given a great opportunity that most actors and musicians would kill for.No one, as far as I can see, has squandered this opportunity.There have been some hiccups. Recently there was talk in the house about the difficulty of keeping up with Twitter and Face Book. Some even said it was a distraction and others said they were going to stop using the social networking sites all together.As I told some of my other "SuperFan" friends on Twitter, contact with your fans is very important. You can't take it for granted that all of those who are following you today will follow you tomorrow. There could be fan backlash if you say that answering fans is too much of a burden. I realize that right now they may not see the importance of staying in contact with their fans. However, I believe that building a fan base right now will help them further their career. Casting directors and producers like to have actors with an already built fan appeal. That is going to sell tickets at the box office or have more people tune in.

The one thing I can say about each episode of If I Can Dream, it is definately getting better as time goes on. We are starting to see some of the other sides of the house guests that we have not seen before. I specially like to see the preparation involved with both Justin's and Brooke's Idol appearence and Giglianne's photo shoots. The one thing that you notice with all this is that you must have patience. It is alot of hurry up and wait. A week of preparation and it is over in three minutes. Same goes for the photo shoots. Hours and hours of preperation and only minutes in front of the camera. Oh, such is life in show business. Keep it up Amanda, Kara, Justin, Ben, Giglianne, and Alex. Great work. I know you all will be successful at what you do.

Onward and forward with the day.

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