Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News from the Animal Shelter

I have just returned fro mthe animal shelter after an interview with a member from the news media. Something happened, positively, while I was being interviewed. A lady pulled as I was explaining the use of our micro chips and scanner. I walked out and asked if I could help. She said someone had dumped two young puppies off at her house. They looked to be malnurished and dehydrated (it has been averaging in the low 90's for the last two days). She asked if we, Down East Animal Refuge (DEAR), would take them. There is never any hesitation as to the answer to that question. Yes, we will take them. And all the time this was in front of a member of the electronic media. I could not have put all that into words to that reporter. He saw what we do best an DEAR. This is truly why we love what we do at the shelter. Thank you to that anonymous woman who took the time to pick those abandoned animals up and get them to us. You have saved two lives today. God bless you.

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