Thursday, April 8, 2010

Idol Rumblings

Well, what a strange night for American Idol. After watching the competition and hearing the decision, I almost shut the tv off. I glad I didn't. It sounds like the judges used their save wisely. Big Mike did NOT deserve to be voted off. What are poeople thinking? Are they watching another competition than I am? You wonder whether if regions of the country vote for an Idol based on where the Idol is from? Sometimes I have thought that. Other times, I have wondered whether the system that Idol uses to rally votes is working correctly. Sort of reminds me of Al Gore challenging George Bush in Florida. I want a recount. It must be the hanging chad. Oh, well. Next week, we'll see two Idols voted off. And, as before, the Idol cast offs end up over at the If I Can Dream house on Friday night.


  1. Sounds like a lot of people have been upset and very surprised with the eliminations on Idol this season! I wonder who's voting, then?

  2. I, again, sometimes believe that if an Idol is from region of the country, regardless of the style, ability, and talent of the Idol, they will vote for them as a block. Sort of happened when Taylor Hicks won. That maybe the reason why Big Mike was at the bottom. Too bad that most people vote for their Idol based on where they are from.