Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, Friday could not get here sooner. Weather is going to be very spring like today, mid 70's. Maybe I'll be in the mood to do that spring cleaning I have been putting off for so long. Going to prepare for our (Down East Animal Refuge) Wellness and Rabies Clinic tomorrow. Always a busy event in our small town. It is almost like a social event. I get caught up on all the juicy town gossip - LoL! Still making preparations on the Kentucky Derby Fundraiser. Plus, we're moving right along on our first ever Micro Chipping Clinic on June 26. Oh, my, 45 shows in my Hulu queue! Well, must be all that time watching If I Can Dream! Watching my friends Justin, Amanda, Giglianne, Ben, Kara, and Problem Child is worth it. Makes me feel homesick for Los Angeles. As my friends here say, once a Yankee, always a Yankee, no matter now long you have lived in the south! I'm from the south! Southern California that is! Make it a great day my friends. God bless.

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