Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life as I see it

Good Sunday morning all. I have a little time before heading out to Mass this morning. I always have to go early because of confessional. I think the Father is a little weary of asking me if I have sinned this week. We'll, some weeks are better than others. I also believe that confessing is good for your soul. I better get off the topic of religion. I know how this topic can be so non-pc these days.

I am still watching the If I Can Dream house. I am amazed that alot of what I see there, as far as interaction, conversations, emotions,and love are all things I experienced at that age. It all brings back good memories. I also think it is interesting to watch as someone else's life plays out in front of a worldwide audience. God help them if there were cameras here. Big snooze fest - LoL. In any case, one of the big conversations of the week, besides Tim Urban, was what Chef Caitlin did one night last week. The results from what she did are interesting, humorous, and may have some serious consequences down the down for several people. Everyone who watches is familar with what happened. It will condense it here.

Chef Caitlin came in on Wednesday with a half dozen bags of groceries. She opened the refer and freezer and soon found that there was not enough room to put said groceries away. So, her next logical step was to start routing through the food on both sides. She tossed foods that she deemed unhealthy into the trash (with help from Justin). She said she would donate some of the tosseed items to a food bank. The rest of it went into the trash.

Well, her heart may be in the right place. But how she went about this was completely inappropriate. She first of all, she exercised her beliefs on the rest of the people in the house by tossing the food that had been personally bought. Out went Ben's salad dressing, some of Amanda's food, and almost all of Alex's frozen food. If I were her, I would have told everyone that what was in the refer and freezer was it. After this, she would, without notice, toss unhealthy food out. That way everyone would know about it and prepare for it. Second, everyone in the house are adults (don't say it). They can handle this. Life is full of these little set backs. If she had a little respect for their personal wants, then this would have come off as a good teaching lesson. It instead is going to come back to bite her (I know, poor choice of words).

How has everyone reacted to this? Well, maybe we're making a mountain out of a molehill. But, it is the princple of the matter. Justin should have spoken up when Caitlin was tossing food he knew people had paid for. He should have asked her to hold off until everyone was there. However, she selected a night when Justin and Alex were the only ones present. Ben was the first to discover the stuff that was tossed. I know he was too pleased that his dressing got tossed as being unhealthy. Ben promptly put it all back in the freezer. Well, Ben, come on. That stuff had been sitting out for five to six hours.I certainly would not have put it all back in the freezer. Again, you heart was in the right place. But someones stomach could have paid the price of eating that stuff. Alex, well, probably could have cared less. He said no big deal and went about eating it anyway. So much for tossing it, huh Caitlin? I don't beleive that either Giglianne or Kara had food in there. But we know that Amanda did.

We all love Amanda for her straightforwardness and not pulling any punches. We always know that Amanda is going to tell us like it is. That is a fine quality in any person. So few people speak their minds these days. If is refreshing to find one that does and isn't concerned what other people may think. I think Amanda has finally discovered what happened.I do beleive that Amanda can confront Caitlin, tactfully, about all this. If not, she can resort to speaking like a sailor (I understand those words because I was a Navy sailor for 20 years). If anyone in the house that can set Caitlin straight it will be Amanda. We love you, girl. Don't let Hollywood change you!

God, did I just go on for a full page about this - LoL! Well, it bothers me when adults resort to acting like kids to get their point across. It also bothers me that people do this type of thing behind everyones back, If Caitlin feels so strong about healthy food, she could have confronted all of them. And, as before, she could have turned it into a good teaching lesson.

I know, I am biased. Everyone knows I have a place in my heart for Chef Lindsay Jones. She truly made watching cooking fun again. Her style in the kitchen is made for this new project of Simon Fuller's. She is part of that genration that has and is growing up within this conencted society we live in.Caitlin, I have nothing but respect for your craft and what you do. It is your delivery methods I disagree with.

Okay, we got that out. Another life's lesson put in electronic bytes for the masses to read.

Remember, these are my thoughts and opinions. I know that we all don't share the same opinion. I'd like to hear yours. That is why I write this blog. I like social interaction. I beleive we would all learn from it.

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